Articles, Research and White Papers

Articles, Research and White Papers

Elevating Healthcare

The Dynamic Duo of Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management in Critical Access Hospitals.

MyVitalz™ and your Home Health Agency (Infographic)

Beginning in January 2017, Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services will add telemonitoring services to telehealth.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Three case studies on the impacts and benefits of telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

Meeting the Health Care Challenges of the 21st Century

Focus on the global challenge of providing quality, affordable health care.

Telemedicine Keeps Seniors Out of Nursing Homes

Case study involving Lutheran Senior Life, a faith-based nonprofit in Pennsylvania that runs senior living communities.

The Future of Home Health Care Project

This white paper examines the role of home health in the US, both currently and in the future.

How Telemedicine Can Transform Patient Engagement

The importance of telemedicine to a private practitioner.

Going Mobile: Integrating Mobile to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Efficiency

Addresses strategies for health care executives pertaining the use and security of mobile health technologies.

Private Payor Reimbursement for Telemedicine Services in the United States

A review of the history of telemedicine reimbursement and a survey of current practices.

Emerging mHealth: Paths for Growth

A global research study about the opportunities and challenges of mobile health from the perspective of patients, payors and providers.

Telehealth Services in the United States

National study reviewing the impact of telehealth in treating veterans. Key findings from the report include: Home telehealth services reduced bed days of care by 59%, Home telehealth services reduced hospital admissions by 35%, and Clinical video telehealth services reduced bed days of care for mental health by 38%.

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