MyVitalz and COVID-19

Technology designed to provide remote patient monitoring in the time of COVID-19

Remote Patient Monitoring

MyVitalz™ is a robust and secure cloud-based, in-home monitoring solution that helps
you deliver a continuum of quality care resulting in better outcomes at lower cost.

Connected Care for Telehealth Monitoring

By providing solutions that connect care providers to the patient via mHealth technologies, MyVitalz™ puts the focus of care where it belongs: on the patient.

And because patients take their own vital signs, they become actively involved in their plan of care. The monitoring devices are simple, intuitive and easy to use. There’s nothing to configure, no unnecessary home visits for installation, and no Internet connection required.

For healthcare professionals, MyVitalz™ proprietary algorithm prioritizes patients in terms of medical risk based upon the patients’ current biometric data. A choice of standard or custom reports easily incorporate into clinical workflows allowing more efficient use of current staff. For at risk patients, continuous rather than episodic monitoring can pinpoint when intervention by a healthcare professional may be most efficacious.

Connected Solutions

For all its clients, MyVitalz™ optimizes limited healthcare resources, both human and capital:

How it Works

MyVitalz™ compiles biometric health data generated by the patients’ use of Bluetooth medical devices. These devices transmit data wirelessly to a Cellular Hub in the patient’s home.  Data and advanced analytics assist the team in prioritizing care and make the most efficient use of the provider’s resources.

A Positive Impact on Nebraska

Thousands of patients at dozens of hospitals across the State of Nebraska will have the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to monitor their health in near real time, providing patient empowerment and critical cost reduction for health care providers.

Watch the video below to learn more

Watch the video below to learn more

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