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Cutting-Edge Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

Our technology was uniquely Built for This Moment. We’re connecting patients to providers with safety and accuracy in mind.

MyVitalz and COVID-19

Staying connected has never been more vital. We are dedicated to dependable technology and safety in these unprecedented times. Learn more about our approach to remote patient monitoring in the time of COVID-19.

Remote Patient

Our technology is designed to provide an uninterrupted in-home monitoring solution for those who need it most. Securely cloud-based, MyVitalz offers an affordable, patient-first approach to remote healthcare.

Employee & Student
Health Screening

Real-time monitoring of your employees or students is an essential facet of doing business right now. You need technology that is convenient, user-friendly, and dependable in order to keep your company or organization functioning safely and effectively.


MyVitalz telehealth consultation protects patients by offering a line of communication between patients at home and their physicians, removing risks associated with coming into the clinic or hospital.

Who We’re Connecting

The success of remote monitoring and telehealth technology relies on an efficient balance of different entities working together. Whether you’re a patient, a provider, or a payor, MyVitalz is dedicated to connecting you.

Health systems

Ensure data accuracy and streamline communication within your health system in order to improve patient outcomes and manage Chronic Care Patients from the safety of their own home.

Medical groups

From small practices to larger networks, a dependable, accurate, and efficient line of communication to patients is a powerful asset and reimbursement for RPM services can be very lucrative.

Long-term care

MyVitalz can add a sense of autonomy and independence to long-term care patients, ultimately providing higher quality of life and care while providing a much needed additional revenue stream to the Facility.


Sending straightforward, accurate, real-time data from patients to providers and Case Managers leads to higher-quality healthcare and lower Population Health costs for MCO’s, Self-Insured Plans and Insurance Companies.


Pharma, HME’s, GPO’s, Remote Call Centers, Practice Management Consultants, and Home Care Agencies can all benefit from our RPM Software Platform. Forming a Strategic Alliance with MyVitalz will open the door to better patient outcomes and new revenue streams.

How It Works

MyVitalz is a user-friendly system designed to connect at-home patients with their in-office providers seamlessly, securely, and accurately. Our Bluetooth and Cellular technology compiles biometric health data generated by the patients’ use of in-home medical devices. These devices transmit data wirelessly to the MyVitalz cloud where the data and our advanced analytics assist the Provider team in prioritizing care and potential interventions.

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A Positive Impact on America

At MyVitalz, our mission is clear: We prioritize the empowerment of patients and critical cost reduction for the healthcare providers who help them thrive. With our technology, we equip thousands of patients across the country with the tools they need to monitor their health in near-real time.

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