MyVitalz Employee & Student Health Screening

MyVitalz Employee & Student Health Screening

Back2School Screening

Back2Work Screening

Companies and Schools across the country trying to reopen remain uncertain as COVID-19 cases have increased.

How it Works

Powered by industry leader MyVitalz™, Back2Work and Back2School mobile apps from MyVitalz™ give users the ability to self screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the workplace or classroom. The Back2School and Back2Work apps are cost effective, easy to use, and provide a simple screening tool that also protects the organization by documenting a daily audit trail for employees and students. Request a demo now.

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A Critical Need for Monitoring

The most effective way to keep your business or school system running safely is to implement an easy to use, remote health screening App for both Android and iOS devices. MyVitalz has developed technology designed to monitor the health and symptoms of your employees and students prior to entering your building, with screening questions and actual temperature readings.

Accurate, User-Friendly Health

COVID-19 screening questions, combined with real time temperature and oxygen saturation readings, can provide a great deal of useful data when evaluating onsite risk levels, ultimately helping employers and administrators make tough decisions about ongoing safety procedures. The MyVitalz Back2Work and Back2School App helps you accomplish all those goals.

MyVitalz and COVID-19

Staying connected has never been more vital. We are dedicated to dependable technology and safety in these unprecedented times. Learn more about our approach to remote patient monitoring in the time of COVID-19.

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