Mobile Nurse

Mobile Nurse

The MyVitalz™ Mobile Nurse is a unique application that connects a tablet with a kit of devices used by multiple patients. Unlike the In-Home Monitoring solution that requires a Cellular Hub and a patient specific kit, the Mobile Nurse functions as a kiosk where one tablet can track an unlimited number of patients all sharing the same devices. This is accomplished through MyVitalz™ proprietary software that allows a secure log in and HIPAA compliant database that houses each patient’s individual biometric health data.

Hardware costs are minimal with the Mobile Nurse because all patients share one set of devices. A Home Health Agency or Rural Health Clinic may wish to equip each nurse practitioner with the MyVitalz™ Mobile Nurse and let them gather vital readings at each patient’s home as they visit each week. This eliminates the mundane task of recording readings from each patient manually or through the telephone. It also eliminates any recording or transposition errors.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities would benefit greatly from the Mobile Nurse as well. A kit could be placed in the lobby or cafe or even carried from room to room on a cart each day by the staff. It would take about five minutes for each patient to take all their vital signs.

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Most efficient and effective means to monitor a patient or resident population. Advantages include:

  • Nominal Hardware Costs

    One tablet and device kit for multiple patients or residents

  • Saves Time and Eliminates Errors

    Eliminates manual data entry and potential recording errors

  • Effective Care

    Reduces readmission rates and emergency room visits, mitigates catastrophic events

  • Better Bottom Line Performance

    Increased cash flow, lower nurse to patient ratio, positive ROI

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