Senior Living

The Top Challenges Faced by Senior Living Operators

Maintaining occupancy rates, improving operations and adjusting to declining reimbursement rates are the top three challenges facing senior living operators, according to results of the 7th Annual Senior Living Survey, conducted by Cleary Gull Advisors, a Milwaukee-based financial advisory firm specializing in not-for-profit providers.

According to industry experts, evolving healthcare technologies are helping providers make progress on all three fronts.

MyVitalz™ Continuum of Care Solutions

MyVitalz™ utilizes mHealth technologies to help Senior Living Operators meet these challenges, regardless of the type of facility under management.

Independent Living (IL)/ In-Home Monitoring
MyVitalz™ helps residents remain in their homes and monitor their health through the use of Bluetooth enabled devices. To monitor their vitals, residents use MyVitalz™  In-Home Monitoring. Each resident spends a few minutes gathering their biometric data with Bluetooth enabled medical monitoring devices. All the data is viewable, by the care team, in near real time on

MyVitalz ™ In-Home Monitoring can be used once the resident is moved to another facility or sent home. This customizable kit allows an individual resident to take their own vitals every day. The care team can monitor the resident in near real time on

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)/ Assisted Living (AL)
Part independent living, part assisted living and part skilled nursing home, CCRC’s offer a tiered approach to the aging process, accommodating residents’ changing needs. These communities give older adults the option to live in one location for the duration of their life, with much of their future care already figured out. MyVitalz™ can be involved at each step of the way.

The MyVitalz™ Senior Living Solution

  • Effective Care

    Lower hospital re-admission rates, Fewer ER visits, Mitigation of catastrophic events, A continuum of care based upon seniors’ needs as they age

  • Healthier Patients

    Intuitive, easy to self-administer, Patients automatically prioritized in terms of risk, Flexibility to monitor in individual or group setting

  • Healthier Performance

    Improved cash flow, Positive ROI, Revenue generator

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improved staff productivity, Cost efficient with one tablet or kiosk for multiple members/patients

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