Video Consultation

Video Consultation

MyVitalz™ Video Consultation enables healthcare professionals to securely talk, face to face, with their patients and any member of their care team at any time through any smart phone, tablet or computer.

This FIPS 140-2 certified HIPAA-compliant solution uses a 256-bit AES encryption, an innovative waiting room
and has minimal latency, if any.

MyVitalz Video Consultation waiting room
Patient View
MyVitalz Video Consultation waiting room
Provider View

This solution benefits all who have limited access to face-to-face encounters with their healthcare provider. Advantages include:

  • Group conferencing

    Group video conference capability

  • Screen Share

    Fast screen share with annotation

  • Low Bandwidth

    Less than half of Skype bandwidth – great for 3G

  • End-to-end Encryption

    Uses 256 bit AES making conversations private

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