In-Home Monitoring

In-Home Monitoring

The MyVitalz™ In-Home Monitoring solution contains a prescribed kit of Bluetooth enabled medical devices and a Cellular Hub for each patient. The patient spends five minutes each day taking their own readings on each device from the comfort of their own home. The data transmits automatically to the MyVitalz™ HIPAA secure cloud where each patient’s data is stored. The beauty of this solution is the fact that no internet, phone line, or computer is required in the patient’s home. Once the data reaches the cloud it is available in near real time, through a secure log in, to each member of the care team, allowing them to analyze current and trending data.

In addition, this solution allows the patient to take readings anywhere, including outside the home. All readings are routinely date/time stamped when taken. Once the devices are back in proximity to the Cellular Hub, the data is automatically downloaded and then uploaded to the MyVitalz™ cloud where it is immediately accessible by the entire care team.

MyVitalz™ Solution Devices

In-Home Monitoring Solution

Blood Pressure

In-Home Monitoring Solution


In-Home Monitoring

Blood Glucose

In-Home Monitoring

Pulse Oximeter

In-Home Monitoring Solution


In-Home Monitoring



Cellular Hub

pill bottle


Greater patient involvement increases patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes. Advantages include:

  • Patient Friendly

    Devices simple to use, no complicated setup or wires, readings completed in about 5 minutes, no Internet required

  • Durable and Economical

    Transfer sanitized kits from one patient to another as the need arises, save money by using the same kit multiple times

  • Effective Care

    Reduces readmission rates and emergency room visits, mitigates catastrophic events, improves patient outcomes

  • Better Bottom Line Performance

    Increased cash flow, lower nurse to patient ratio, positive ROI

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