MyVitalz™ Analytics

MyVitalz™ Analytics combines several related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting of historical biometric readings and measurements of the client’s patients.

This technology drives the process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help healthcare administrators, business managers and clinicians make more informed decisions for the business and their patient populations.

MyVitalz™ proprietary algorithm prioritizes patients in terms of medical risk based upon the patients’ biometric data. Standard or custom reports easily incorporate into clinical workflows allowing more efficient use of staff. In short, it allows healthcare professionals to act rather than re-act as the patient’s condition evolves.

MyVitalz™ Analytics is fully compatible with HL7 data protocols for seamless integration into EHR software.

MyVitalz™ Analytics enables more informed and timely decisions for patient and resident populations. Advantages include:

  • Open Architecture

    Standard or customized reports easily incorporate into existing workflows, fully compatible with HL7 data protocols

  • Population Monitoring Efficiency

    Combines several activities including data mining, analytical processing, historical querying and online reporting

  • Effective Care

    Automatically prioritizes patients based upon risk, reduces readmission rates and emergency room visits, mitigates catastrophic events

  • Better Bottom Line Performance

    Increased cash flow, lower nurse to patient ratio, positive ROI

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