In-Home Monitoring

The MyVitalz™ In-Home Monitoring solution contains a prescribed kit of Bluetooth enabled medical devices and a cellular hub for each patient.

In-Home Monitoring

The data transmits automatically to the MyVitalz™ HIPAA secure cloud where each patient’s data is stored.

Video Consultation

This enables healthcare professionals to securely talk, face to face, with their patients and any member of their care team at any time through any device in a HIPAA controlled environment.

Video Consultation

This solution benefits all who have limited access to face-to-face encounters with their healthcare provider.


Our approach to healthcare is to improve the health of the entire population of patients monitored by the client’s health system or agency.

MyVitalz Analytics

This technology drives the process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help healthcare administrators, business managers and clinicians make more informed decisions.

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