Health Insurance is Not a Zero Sum Game

Like any company, the challenge for payors is creating value for consumers and company stockholders.

But, pleasing one does not have to penalize the other. By supporting healthcare solutions that lower costs, improve patient access and outcomes, making it simpler for healthcare providers and consumers to manage the transition to value-based care, an insurance carrier can deliver profitable growth. Over the long term this creates a compelling and critical competitive advantage within a changing and challenging regulatory environment.

MyVitalz™ & Risk Mitigation

MyVitalz™ helps improve patient outcomes and lower costs by managing the care for higher risk members/patients through the use of In-Home Monitoring solutions. Through the accumulation of current and trending biometric data, MyVitalz™ enables healthcare providers to better manage Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Obesity and other chronic conditions.

The MyVitalz™ proprietary algorithm prioritizes patients in terms of medical risk based upon the patient’s vital signs. This continuous rather than episodic monitoring can pinpoint when intervention by a healthcare professional may be most efficacious and cost effective. Some of the benefits of MyVitalz™ solutions include:

  • Improved member behaviors and compliance to healthcare provider recommendations

  • Better clinical outcomes that reduce healthcare costs as a result of fewer hospitilizations

  • Proactive health care instead of reactive health care that saves money long term

  • Current and trending error free data on each member/patient with no paperwork or phone calls

The MyVitalz™ Payor/Provider Solution

  • Effective Care

    Lower hospital re-admission rates, Fewer ER visits, Mitigation of catastrophic events, Early intervention for at-risk patients

  • Healthier Patients

    Cost effective means to continuously monitor high-risk patients, Patients automatically prioritized in terms of risk

  • Healthier Performance

    Shorter length of stay in medical facility, Early intervention can lower medical costs

  • Improved Efficiency

    Entire care team has access to real-time, biometric data

“One of the great challenges of healthcare today is managing patients with chronic diseases. Many of these patients are high utilizers of the emergency department and have a high rate of rehospitalization. MyVitalz is one of the most unique and exciting approaches to managing theses patients. It is very simple to use and comes “Plug and Play” with no installation, phone line or internet required. Clearly, MyVitalz offers the potential to reduce readmissions and emergency department visits, but most importantly it can help to improve the health of patients with chronic disease.” Steve L.

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