Home Health Agencies

The Need to do More With Less

A blog post by John Marchica, a veteran healthcare strategist and president of Darwin Research Group, summarized the challenges faced by today’s Home Health Agencies:

  • A hospital discharge planner (your customer) chooses which agency will care for the homebound patient (also your customer).

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) dictates how much you get paid and has recently decided to pay you less every year.

  • You itemize every last thing you do and spend hours learning coding techniques to maximize how much you get reimbursed.

  • And by the way, you have a hard time finding people to work for you at a wage where you can be profitable.

Patient-Centric Care Anywhere

Home Health Agencies are increasingly adopting mHealth technologies and smart devices as a way to profitably survive. Patient-centric, in-home monitoring utilizing Bluetooth technology, for instance, allows a quicker, more efficient response to a deterioration in the condition of a high risk patient.

In addition, a key part of effective home healthcare is the patient taking an active role in monitoring their health. Today, more than half of Americans track their weight, diet, or exercise as a way of improving their health.

Healthier Patients and a Healthier Bottom Line

In order to remain profitable, Home Health Agencies need to use remote patient monitoring solutions that make more efficient use of existing staff and keep their referral hospitals from being penalized by CMS for excessive hospital readmissions. Through the use of mHealth technologies, Agencies and their referral partners can improve clinical outcomes and patient care.

For the higher risk patients, MyVitalz™ In-Home Monitoring is the answer. Each patient spends a few minutes every day taking their own vitals with Bluetooth enabled medical devices. All the data is viewable in near real time on MyVitalz.com. Without ever leaving the office, the nurse or caregiver can closely monitor the current and trending biometric data of all of their patients each day.

The MyVitalz™ Home Health Agencies Solution

  • Effective Care

    Lower re-admission rates, Fewer ER visits, Mitigation of catastrophic events, Options for continuous and episodic monitoring

  • Healthier Patients

    Patients automatically prioritized in terms of risk, Self-administered reading can be taken anywhere and automatically download when in proximity to the cellular hub

  • Healthier Performance

    Improved cash flow, Positive ROI, Revenue generator

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improved staff productivity

“The use of telemonitoring technology allows Nebraska Home Care Association members to monitor patients’ vital signs and to more effectively and efficiently help patients manage chronic diseases. Telemonitoring technology enhances the quality of life of elderly patients and in many circumstances prevents or delays costly placement in a skilled facility. MyVitalz provides the technology and resources that Nebraska home care agencies need to deliver services to our state’s citizens.” – Janet S.

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