Wearable Health Monitoring Sensor Technology

Today, Wearable Health Monitoring Sensors (WHMS) products can gather health data and transmit it wirelessly to a mobile phone or PC.  Increased system processing power allows sophisticated real-time data processing on sensors, which reduces wireless channel utilization and power consumption.  These new developments in WHMS have promoted a wider acceptance of sensor-based technology for continuous monitoring for weight loss, exercise and at risk pregnancies.

wearablesAccording to the Mayo Clinic these changes in wireless networking and micro-fabrication can also promise suitable applications for “stroke rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation after hip or knee surgeries, myocardial infarction rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.”

Integrating Wearable health monitoring systems into telemedicine and mHealth systems is cutting-edge approach to information technology that supports prevention and early detection of health problems. Many seniors can benefit from continuous monitoring of chronic conditions and supervised recovery after surgical procedures. Although there have been many new developments in sensor technology, most products on the market today do provide a suitable product for “health monitoring” of the elderly:

  • Most WHMS Products (for example Fitbit and WIN Human Recorder) do not suggest to people that they should use their product in coordination with a licensed professional.
  • Products that are designed for professional observation are mainly targeted to organizations which  train athletes and woman with at-risk-pregnancies
  • Currently no products have been designed specifically for the monitoring of elderly in the U.S.
  • The current products do not interface with a total platform, most a linked to a single phone or web-portal for one-to-one or self-observation

MyVitalz™ utilizes wearable sensors as part of its platform to enable seniors to have 24/7 non-invasive monitoring. Unlike other WHMS products, MyVitalz™ is specifically designed for use with professional observation. MyVitalz™ is unique because it provides cloud-based EMR that is viewable for all participants in a Coordinated Care Network.